Karri Lahti

Designer and Advisor in Helsinki, Finland

I want to help market your product or company, and I have the right amount of success, curiosity, grit & happy customers to do so.

Success. Helped launch 3 property investment funds (500+ properties) and organized 1000+ real estate transactions for investors. Contributed to real estate investment and asset management company group’s growth (revenues went from $3M to $20M/year) by focusing on marketing strategies (such as creating a custom PR network, and using content marketing for connecting with journalists).

Curiosity. In 2014, sold my apartment, gave all of my stuff away, and booked a one-way ticket to South America. Helped a Peruvian startup project become 1 of 12 of winners from Latin America for Intel Challenge summer camp immersion in Silicon Valley (20,000+ projects in total from 60+ countries).

Grit. Once cold-emailed Tim Cook of Apple directly about a company-wide (100+ employees) network connectivity problem after an iOS update, who then assembled a special team for me to investigate the problem. It was fixed in 10 days.

Happy customers.Here’s what people say about working with me:

"Karri is ambitious, growth-minded, committed, creative and relentless. His main strength is this 'every task must be taken care of' kind of attitude, that doesn’t shy away from any work that must get done." — Timo Metsola CEO & Chairman of The Board, Vuokraturva Ltd.

"It was a pleasure working with Karri. From product owner to product owner, your trust in his ability to communicate to your audience will not be misplaced.” — Sarah Cassady / Founder / Skeleton Key

  • Education
    • Stanford University